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The soldier winced, a groan coming between her lips as she was met with the overly bright lights of the Normandy’s medbay. Every inch of her body was sore as she tried to recall the events that had placed her here.  

"What the hell happened?"

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"Well I'll be damned, out in my neck of the woods." Cass mumbled to himself as he saw her walking from the docks. He shook his head with a smirk, silently moving his way up to the woman who moved with a pace of one late for a date. Before long he was right behind her, keeping up as if following her all along. "Would say good to see you out in the world, Commander. But looks like you're not out on leave."

"Vitus," the woman responded with a nod as she kept her pace. She couldn’t keep the Council waiting, even if it would prove for a good laugh. After all how many times had they kept her waiting. "You’re right on that one. Here on Spectre, "savior of the galaxy" business." It was good to see a familiar face especially after all the unpleasant reports.  

"And the last I heard you were dead." The redhead stopped for a moment. To hell with the council, they could wait. "Though I can see now that statement obviously isn’t true."

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"I swear I’m not…" yawns, “tired. Just a few more hours…”

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